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Company Update

In relation to all customers who placed an order during September
At the end of August we successfully sold Paw and Splash to Zach Edelman who owned and operated the business during September. Sadly, there have been many customers who have not experienced our usual high standard of customer service or even more surprising, they haven't received our popular water bottle.
On the 6th of October, original owners Gareth Boyd and Sam Cookson finally managed to retain ownership of the store, but have noticed hundreds of customers have placed orders during September when Zach Edelman owned Paw & Splash, paid for a water bottle and never received their order.
We as the original owners of Paw & Splash are heartfelt sorry at this appalling service provided to you by Zach, who to be frank is a con-artist. Our suppliers are owed a lot of money and customers are owed a lot of money through refunds.
As a small business based in Cheshire, we are in not a position to cover the cost of hundreds of water bottles with no revenue in return as Zach Edelman has pocketed your orders money and disappeared without paying our distributor to dispatch your order!
Thankfully our online store operator, Shopify has allowed us to gain access to the store again and the business email. So we have outlined a guideline below in what we strongly recommend you to do immediately!
Orders made via Paypal:
You will see on your Paypal payment history that you made a payment to ' Backyard Billion LLC' or an email as ' zpreme1@gmail.com'. We recommend you open a dispute to receive a refund. This is the email and username Zach Edelman used to accept payments during his ownership of Paw&Splash.
Orders made via Credit/Debit Card
We recommend ringing your card issuer to file for a refund as you never received the goods. If you placed the order via credit card, the card issuer will be able to easily force a refund. If you placed the order via debit card, it may take longer but the bank or card issuer will be able to issue a refund.
Once again, we can only apologise as this is not the standard of Paw & Splash and we thought we were selling our business to a reputable operator but unfortunately many, many customers have been let down and we can only apologise!
We now have access to our main email at team@pawandsplash.com - if you need help issuing a refund for any orders during September, please get in touch with us.
Zach Edelman is in no way affiliated to Paw&Splash as of 1st of October. We have found this con-artist/scammers Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachary-edelman-a31466162/

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